Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Justice is in fact blind.

I was going to do a happy post today but I'm freakin crabby so instead I want to rant a little.

Recently, a lot of Illinois cops have been breaking the law and getting away with it. My respect to all the law enforcement officers that look out for the little guy and risk their lives. However, this is another profession where people become jaded fast. I have had a few run-ins with cops in my life, not because of anything I was doing wrong, and I have to say they disappointed me but I know there are others out there who would have made their badge proud.

We have a couple of fuckwads who are currently on trial for being complete and total scum. One is Drew Peter-son (don't need people coming here by searching his name) who, MURDERED HIS WIVES (yeah yeah innocent until proven guilty but I'm not stupid) and the other is Anthony Abbat-e who beat up a bartender because she... that's right SHE would not serve him anymore.

This man is a 300 pound fat ass who took advantage of his size and yes his badge to throw this woman, who could not be taller than 5'2 and weigh more than 100 pounds, around the bar. He is caught on tape beating her without mercy while his friend and some other drunk bastard watched.

First of all, I don't understand why it's taken this long to finalize this case. What other proof did they need? They found him guilty but now the douchebag is saying he was acting in self defense because the tiny little woman hit him first. Are you fucking kidding me?? That animal fucker not only lacks balls but he is obviously insane!

I really don't know why this story is bothering me so much but it is. The fact that he is a policeman should not give him any special privileges.

A month ago, about 4 cops were declared not guilty in a bar brawl because it was determined that they did not start the fight. Ummmm what the fuck? If you are an off duty cop and some jackhole wants to beat you up, I'm sure you have had proper training that does not involve pummeling your opponent! Or! How about you call other policemen who are on duty so they can arrest them? You can't break the law just because you have a badge. You must be above the rest of the population and have higher standards when it comes to controlling yourselves.

The sad thing is that that Abbat-e douche will probably still collect his pension. What kind of a message does that send to the rest of us who follow the rules?


Stay tuned tomorrow for "Confession of a pseudo receptionist"

Also, I just heard in the news that it's going to be about 40 degrees tonight. It is June THIRD!! I already put my winter blankets away and shut off the heat! ::grumblemumblegrumble::


  1. That woman kept working after that beat down?! She is a super hero, and that cop is an ass!

    I used to be the editor of a county seat newspaper, and was very close with the police officers in the town and the county deputies. However, I know for a fact that there were a few within the ranks who mistook their badge and their new titles and thought they should have been called God instead of Officer. It's my opinion that that profession definitely carries a messiah complex, and above the law code, and it disgusts me that the ChiPD used threatening tactics and responded in an completely irrational way to protect that thug. Damn him.

  2. Has Chicago heard of the concept of bouncers? You know... they're all the rage now...

  3. Juries like video evidence, providing it turns out to be admissable.

  4. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the way life is going here in North America, cops are getting more and more corruptable power by the day!

  5. Ugh....this is terrible. And reminds me of something that happened here last year. A (white) cop who lived in DC had something stolen from his garage, so he and another friend went around town vigilante-style looking for whoever stole it. He ended up just shooting the first teenager he came across, claiming that is the kid who stole his item. The kid he killed was a 14-year old black boy, and we all know it is only black teenagers that steal things and commit crimes. The police officer claimed the boy had a gun and had shot at him first. But evidence proved there were only bullets from one gun, no other gun had been found, and that the boy had been shot in the back of the head because he had been running away, as his friend had witnessed.

    Thankfully he was convicted.

  6. Ugh...I'm sorry Bee but I only got about 10 seconds into that video before I had to stop it because I couldn't watch it anymore. It was disturbing!!
    I'm right there with you on this subject. Some people get a little bit of power and run with it. Of course, there are the few exceptions, "FEW" being the opperative word.
    When I was 18, I was on my way to work at the hospital for my nightshift when I got pulled over by a cop. I wasn't doing anything wrong, hell I wasn't even speeding! But the cop knew my car and he knew who I was from bringing in the drunks who "fell down and busted their faces up" (right) so he pulled me over.
    He then told me that if I wanted to keep my driving record spotless, I had to go out on a date with him and "put out". I took the damn ticket and fought it.
    And by some act of God, I won. Sort of.
    Since the cop couldn't prove I was doing anything wrong, I didn't have to pay the fines, but he didn't get into any trouble! Not even a slap on the wrist!
    And the next weekend, on my way to work, I saw that he had another younger female driver pulled over.

  7. It's very disappointing to see police officers break the law and often get away with it.

    I think there is a "God-complex" with some people and it doesn't matter if they are in uniform or not. I've met some folks in the corporate world that could get away with anything just because of their position or because of who they know. Sad. Very sad.

  8. that video is just sick

    what a complete asswipe

  9. OMG ... that video is hideous. He is hideous. Makes you wonder about the people who are supposed to be "protecting" you, huh?

  10. Okay, those cops are pieces of shit. You will find some.

  11. L.A. cops are so mean and racist they scare the crap out of me. I think the times have changed. For the worse.

  12. I remember this video. There was another one also from another state (can't remember which one) here an officer was going through a drive through at Mc Donalds and he claimed that the cashier did not give him proper change. He went in to the drive through window from the inside and started rifling through the drawer mistreating the cashier. He claimed he gave her a 50 or a 20 twenty dollar bill, but there was no such bill in the box. He tried to arrest the young cashier. It was also caught on tape. Sad, sad, sad!

  13. how about those other two guys just watching, I would have jumped in to help!

  14. how about those other two guys just watching, I would have jumped in to help!

  15. how about those other two guys just watching, I would have jumped in to help!

  16. Wow... just... wow. I thought pulling people over just to meet their quota was bad... god damn!


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