Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Now you'll know what I sleep in... and it's not a coffin you jerks!

You know what this is?


This is a picture of my warm, cozy pajama bottoms*. I have puppy pjs, moon and star pjs and skiing dude pjs. That's right, nothing says sex appeal like fuzzy pajamas!

Normally, around this time of year, they would be tucked away in the far corners of my closet waiting patiently for winter. So far this year I have put them away 3 times but here they are, freshly laundered and ready for me to wear again tonight because the person holding the giant thermostat in the sky has decided we need a few more months of winter. Somebody find that groundhog and fry his ass!

In other news.

As you may remember, I'm still looking for a replacement job because I am fed up with the nuthouse and I'm determined not to turn into a whiney old lady.

I uploaded my resume to Carreer Builders and they send out emails every once in a while with job matches.

Usually they are pretty accurate and I have had a couple of oddball ones but Holy Mother of Moses did they send me a couple of perfect matches!



All in all, a step up from the asylum.

*The PJs are thanks to my awesome little sister.


  1. FIRST!!!!!!

    We had about a week of hot weather, and now it's gone cold again, so while you're waiting for your summer to begin, it looks like ours has been and gone.

    So much for global warming.

  2. Unlike Brian, I live in sunny Manchester where it's margeritas all day and so forth.

    Very snazzy p-js!

  3. Oh yeah. Those PJ's would light any man's fire. That Mother Nature is driving us all crazy. It's raining all around my house right now but not here and we need it.

    I'm sure you applied for those positions, right?

    Good Luck!

  4. If you could swing that State of Alabama Corrections Department job from the sweet confines of your Chicago-area home, and not actually have to deal with our southern criminals, that would probably be a pretty sweet job!


  5. Our weather is like a roller coaster, too. Right now it is hot -- 90's -- and I hope it stays that way. But we get rain every day and our yard is a swamp.

    I really wonder about those job searches. I get sent "job matches" and I wonder how they matched me up with them.

    So...you gonna apply to the Alabama Corretions?

  6. I came back from Phoenix the first weekned in MAY, and it was 70 degrees when I got off the plane at O'Hare at 10pm.

    Now, essentially two weeks into JUNE, and we're lucky if we hit the 60s... WTF?!?!

    Mother Nature is playing DARTS to decide what temperature to throw at us each morning, I swear. And if I have to deal with another friggin' rainy day within the next week, someone's gonna lose an eye.

    It might just be me. LOL

  7. my sister is in the corrections industry-- the stories she has....

  8. I got dibbs on the ground hog.... I'll take care of his ass don't you worry!!!

  9. Ice Age, Brian. We are heading for an Ice Age. I'm prepared but the rest of y'all are gonna freeze your tuckuses!

    Because you are flaunting your sunshine, you will freeze first! (:op

    I asked the Alabama one if I may have a whip.

    True Dat. I'm not a fan of banjo music.

    The Alabama one will be better than working in the looney bin.

    I normally wouldn't mind this weather but I've invested too much on my flowers. I'm thinking of moving my heat lamp that I keep for my mariju- uh cacti plants outside.

    jean knee:
    And your sister doesn't have a blog, why?

    He's all yours but make sure you put it's head on a spike to warn all other groundhogs! ;o)

  10. You would make a kick-ass corrections officer! And think of all the blog fodder.

  11. See, I figured you slept in a coffin... Or a pillow case.

    And, yeah.. Fuck this weather already.

  12. It rained in L.A. on Monday and I haven't seen the sun since. Damn gray clouds!

    I'd take any job where I can work in those pajamas. They look comfy.

  13. you wear just those when you go to sleep? dont your boobies get cold? or do you pull them pants up to yer armpits, hee hee hee!

  14. You know... sometimes the thinner the nighty... the warmer you'll get.


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