Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back to work we go!


Thursday night.

Andy: Sucks you have to work tomorrow.

Me: Yep.

Andy: Maybe you shouldn't use all your vacation time so early in the year.

Me: I know. I'm going to try and save 2 days next year just for the day before and day after Thanksgiving. That way I can hit all the door buster sales.

Andy:  You know what? Maybe it's best you work the day after Thanksgiving. Our bank account appreciates it.

Boys just don't understand!

It used to be that all offices had the day off the day after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies that are finding it difficult to pay their employees so they are making them drag their asses in to work. OZ has only given us the day off once in my 4 years working there so I knew I'd have to pick up my weary bones on Friday and head to the Asylum. He normally takes the day off so it's not too painful because I can just put on a pair of sweats and not have to worry about my appearance too much. This year, however, he decided to see patients.

Friday Morning, day after Thanksgiving, I was watching the front desk for Cowardly Lion, the receptionist, while she got coffee. It was so early, my top and bottom lashes were still sealed shut.

Male patient: I would hate to work in a place that's open the day after Thanksgiving!

Me: It's no big deal. We're closing at noon so...

Patient: [leans in towards me and invades my personal space] Yeah but you still had to get up early and drive all the way over here.

Me: And me being sick and all. [coughing violently]

Patient backs away and goes to sit down. 

Later in the morning, I was watching the front desk while the receptionist went to the restroom.

Patient checking in: I was thinking of rescheduling my appointment today but I thought, if you guys were going to be open, might as well make you work hard.
[laughs hysterically]

Me: Oh, I see you're getting your cast removed today. I'll make a note on your chart so that they'll use the special saw.

Patient [jaw dropped]: The special saw?

Me: I'm just kidding! That's what I call my "bitter, day after Thanksgiving, sense of humor".

Patient: I'm sorry you have to work the day after Thanksgiving.

Me: Me too.

After the patient left, Glynda came into the business office.

Glynda: Did you tell that patient you were going to tell us to use a special saw.

Me: Yep. In my defense, he pissed me off.

Glynda: Well he told OZ.

Me [pretending not to be interested but in reality crapping my pants (in a ladylike way)]: Yeah?

Glynda: OZ laughed and told him you had a special skill set we use against attorneys and insurance companies but you weren't really a people person because of your evil streak.

Me: Here I thought I hid it well.

Glynda: I don't know what to say.

Me: "Good job?"  "You Rock?" "Don't relieve the receptionist anymore?" all of these are acceptable.

She didn't respond.

I will be turning in my vacation sheet taking the day after Thanksgiving off as soon as 2010 hits my calendar.


  1. I absolutely hate getting up early and going back to work after holiday. Especially when the working day happens to be Friday. :)

  2. Bwahaha. What would that office do without your sense of humor. Sorry you had to work. You missed all those crazy shoppers and all that close body contact on Friday. (There now. Doesn't that make you feel a little bit better?)

  3. I think you handled things splendidly!

    If you can't laugh, what do you have?

  4. I had the day off which was nice, but I know that when I show up to work in 40 minutes having 4 days off in a row will make for a giant pile of catchup work on my desk.

    And god i wish I could say things like that to clients, but I only talk to them on the phone and our calls are recorded for quality assurance. Like someone in my company is sitting there listening to the boring ass phone calls. If they are going to listen they might as well just answer the phone themselves in the first place!

  5. damn I wish I had you with me at all times to do my talking

  6. So Oz keeps you on because you're evil? I'm sure there are other jobs that could make better use of your anti-lawyer/attorney skills. Have you considered working for a law firm, for example?

  7. And here I thought everyone got the Friday off. Paying you guys for half a day must still be cheaper than what he charges his patients!

  8. Paid vacation? We humble supply teachers don't get that (grinds teeth in envy).

    I think it's a great thing that your evil side gets professional acknowlegement. Respect!

  9. One of the reasons I don't shop on Black Friday is because I can't imagine what the people who work in restaurants and retail have to go through that day, and I refuse to add to the mass hysteria.

  10. that was well written..
    awww!! getting up early is like capital punishment for me!

  11. day after thanksgiving, 7am, sounds like naptime to me

  12. "Special saw" ha! that's funny! Made me laugh! :-)


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