Thursday, November 5, 2009

I not only hate my job but the man behind the curtain can suck it too!

So. I had a bad fucking day today. It started with my bank saying we never deposited my paycheck on Saturday and that was all because they couldn't tell if my Andy had written an *8* or a *9* as our account number so the idiot teller decided to toss a coin and went with the wrong number.

Unfortunately for us, we couldn't find our receipt. I asked for a copy of my paycheck from OZ and Glynda and they acted as if I was trying to steal the Mona Lisa and after an hour of the 3rd degree, they relented. Then Andy called me to tell me he found the receipt so all was roses, right?

Wrong. Apparently I still look like shifty thief so OZ asked to see a copy of my bank receipt and the people I  spoke to at the bank.

I came home, talked to Andy and we decided to give him the info on the people we talked to but we put in writing how he was not entitled to my personal bank receipt so in essence we wrote him a big FUCK YOU letter but we did it in such a professional manner he won't have no choice but to kiss my ass.
How paranoid and stupid can one be?
Anyway, I'll be back later with details on who won the book.


  1. From my years as a teller at a bank the error should have been seen right a way. When I had something like that happen to me we had to go look it up in our index files and then enter it into the comper. All was taken care of right away.
    Hope this turns out well for you guys.
    MoM R.

  2. that sux balls

    what ann ass Oz is

    he also sux balls

  3. Instead of tossing a coin, could the teller have at least given a call to verify, then it would save everyone the trouble.

  4. Stupid people are everywhere. Can I stick my head in a hole now?

  5. My husband's bank account was erroneously charged from Las Vegas... (he's never been), so he ranted and raved at the bank until they gave him the credit... it wasn't fraud, it was the same thing... the wrong account number was charged. Tantrums work sometimes :-)


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