Friday, November 20, 2009

Photo blogging- sort of...

I'm still sick.

I haven't been able to sleep well due to coughing fits so I've been functioning on automatic pilot.

Because of that, my blogging time has suffered.

[wait for cries of shame to die down]

I've decided to take random activities and post about them as if they were the most interesting content to be found on the Internet. Here is the first one:

Today I am having a Tex-Mex Chicken panini from Lean Cuisine.

I used the knife you see there to cut it in half so that the contents don't end up in my cleavage.

What sucks is that now I have to wash the knife with the cheap sponge that's in the kitchen. I may have to scrub it forever to remove the caked on panininess.

Maybe I'll just throw it away.

And that is my exciting lunch tale!


  1. I say throw it out then tell Milton "hey, there's a knife in the garbage", I bet you she'll fish for it and wash it!

  2. Ummmm....Panini. Ummmm.....Mexican.

    I'm hungry now.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  3. yeah she'll clean it all right , with a two year old mildewey sponge.

  4. Oh poor bayBee. Hope you feel better soon. That sandwich looks yummy. Can I have a bite?

  5. hope you feel better soon! I hear dr. Magillicudies (that is sooo spelled wrong) helps colds. At the very least the self medication will make for interesting posts :)

  6. Aren't tex-mex and panini oxymorons? Do the Italians know about this?

  7. I'd have not bothered with the knife as my shirt would be easier to clean (I frequently end up wearing part of my lunch). I'm guessing it might be the same with cleavages. Or maybe you should take some overalls in to wear whilst you're eating.

  8. I like the idea of throwing silverware out instead of washing them.

    Yes, I know I don't do the dishes.

    But it seems like it would make me feel, oh I don't know, wealthy maybe?

    Sorta like using $100 bills to light Cuban cigars.

  9. geez, did your warranty run out at 37?

    (dodges thrown knife)

  10. I have thrown away dishes that have been too dirty to clean. Don't feel bad.


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