Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ahhhh 37! I liked you better when you were 10 years younger!

♪♫ Today is my birthday! thun thun thun thun thun!!

I still have to go to work! Bhun nunanunun!!

I had to buy my own cake to bring to the asylum! Ledadidadee!!

Everybody, including Andy, thought my birthday was on the wrong day!  Peepampeepapoo!!

I suck at rhyming! Fafeefufafoo!!

I'm dehydrated from all of the booze! Baneeneenanonoo!!
... ... ... ♪♫

I'm at a loss on how to end the song.


I know it's my birthday but I, being the giver that I am, have a gift for you. An embarrassing picture of me at age 7/8/9ish?

me in bathroom

I know you have a lot of questions. "Where did you buy your cool guy shirt?" "Were those glasses as big as your head?" Why OH WHY did someone take a picture of you in the BATHROOM?"

I can answer your questions or I can dance instead!

Vogue with me people!! 

My mind? Gone!


  1. Happy birthday Bee!!


  2. Those aren't all the questions...
    - Why are all your bathroom products piled on top of your toilet?
    - Why don't you have a shower curtain?
    - Why are you in mid-flush, yet you are completely dressed?

    Anyway... Happy Birthday to you!!!

  3. 37 is awesome! Enjoy.

    As for the toilet, you were sent back to re-flush, weren't you?

    I love that video.

  4. Congrats Bee!

    You're still younger than me, so you can be happy about that one..

    Oh, I KNOW that you were seriously thinking about how many of those dances you used to do..

    Heck, I can recall doing each of those at LEAST once in my colorful younger days..

    Sad? Yes. True? Um.. Yes.

    Happy B-day! I hope you remembered what kind of cake you liked, and bought the right one.. Now the biggest question is will anyone at Arkham let you have a piece??


    awwwwww, you're the same age as my Lean in that picture.

  6. I get dibs on the week old cake crumbs

  7. Happy Birthday...and I love the video! Also I am sick and feverish so nothing witty will come to my mind today!

  8. Happy birthday, Bee! Enjoy the cake you have to bring to work to celebrate your very own day!

  9. I know when your birthday is! I waited till midnight to say happy birthday!!! I even called you at work and sang to you in your vm! Did the part about the guy who's last name is Haryasz! Lol

  10. Pleeeeze, pleeeeeze dont leave me...Oh sorry, I for some reason had a certain Pink song in my head?
    My phone alerted me that it was your Birthday today @ 0400am!!
    I forgot I am 3months older than you! Have an awesome day. Oh....pretty spiffy outfit lol!

  11. Happy birthday! And evolution of dance is SO awesome!

  12. Not only in the bathroom, but flushing the toilet. (I will wonder about the motivation behind this photo for the rest of the day.)

    Happy happy birthday! My entire department is eating cake in your honor. (or someone brought in a cake today and it just happens to be your birthday too)

  13. 37? Damn BEEutiful... I hope when I get to be your age I'm not nearly as old and slow... :ewink:

  14. O Happy Day!

    And omg, you look very similar to me as a kid. Only I'm soooo much younger than you, like I won't be 36 until later this month. ;P


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