Monday, November 2, 2009

I am not a farmer so I hate it when people mess with my routines!

So, remember how I keep telling you that my work computer is virus infected so I can't go on the internet and the majority of the programs are corrupt therefore I am unable to access them anymore? I've learned to live with it for the most part but today its failings almost made me lose what's left of my mind. Wait. That deserves an exclamation point and and some capitals. WHAT'S LEFT OF MY MIND!

As most of you may know, we changed the clocks this weekend. Now, Instead of waking up before the sun rises, I wake up before the sunrise. So yeah, the only difference for me is that now I have to fight the thugs who loiter in the parking lot after 5 because it's dark when I leave the office.

Anyway, back to the computer issue.

The time didn't update on my computer. Right now, as I type this, the time reads 12:51 PM but it's actually 1:51 PM. Due to the virus, I cannot go in to fix it manually because I get an error message stating "your computer is so fucked, you may as well just grab your ankles!". I know an hour doesn't seem like a big deal but, when you base your happiness on how much longer you have to be at your desk before you can shake the shackles and hit the road to temporary freedom (because we know we'll be back in less than 15 hours)(unless we get hit by a train. then it may take longer), not knowing the right time is nerve racking.

So at 9:30 I thought it was 8:30 but then I counted how many sips of coffee I've had and concluded it was impossible for it to be 8:30. I adjusted my brain clock and continued working. A little later, my phone rang and I noticed it was 10:15 so I had to sit and stare at my computer for a few seconds while trying to remember if I was supposed to add or subtract an hour. I HATE MATH! I figured out it was 11:15 and moved on to another project.

Everything was fine until my stomach started making horrible growling noises. I looked at the time (notice a pattern here?)(of me being a dumbass?) and thought "what is the matter with you, Jelly (as in Jelly Belly)? it's only 11:45! I normally feed you at noon!" 1... 2... 3... "Oh crap! It's probably 12:45!"

Which brings me to this very moment. I've decided to do this:

cell 11.02.09 154

and look like an idiot instead of being late for lunch ever again!

Sometimes work is just so stressful!


  1. Why not just look at your cell phone? I know you have it with you. And if your time didn't adjust you need to subtract an hour.

  2. My habit is to look at the time on my computer. In order to break that habit I covered up the time so that I would nit confuse myself (easily done) and then look at the time on my phone.

    I'm hoping to reform myself in a week or so.

  3. I love post it notes, at my work there is a thing you are never ever come hell or high water do and that is to 'cancel' a credit card in I put a big post it note on the screen that read "NEVER CANCEL-DOUCHEBAGS"....well maybe I left out the douchebags part, but they knew what I meant. Also they kept moving it off of the screen...again DOUCHEBAGS!

  4. Man, they need to get on the stick and fix your computer!

  5. daylight savings time sucks, sucks, sucks

  6. youre computer needs a flu shot

  7. The time on my computer hasn't changed either and I haven't even tried to fix it... I figure, it's "home time" therefore the actual hour doesn't quite matter, I'm just glad to be home!:-)

  8. What in the hell does being a farmer have to do with the time change?

    Sorry to hear about the virus... I warned you about engaging in risky behavior though.

  9. A practical solution to technical hi-jinks! I like it.

  10. Post-it notes rule.

    So, I may be having a bit of a blonde moment, but don't you "fall back" in time ...? How did you go forward an hour, when we went back an hour here in Texas?

    Are you sure you weren't two hours early for lunch?

    Ouch, this math is hurting my head. I need a cocktail.


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