Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why would people want to torture me while I'm trying to work?

There happens to be a carnival in ACS's parking lot. All evening I heard songs with lyrics like "gonna get your booty" "gonna smack your booty" and other booty related songs which makes me think Carnies are butt men.

For some reason I kept gravitating towards the front of the store hoping to catch a glimpse of some kid walking by with cotton candy so I could jump him, eat the cotton candy and maybe take his tickets for the rides!

carnival 3carnival

 carnival 2

Oh well, maybe I'll sneak over there tomorrow night.


  1. Every summer there was a carnival and street fair across from the butcher shop I worked at. We spent 4 solid days playing "which carnie has done the most time?"

    The game lost some of its fun when one of them was arrested for sleeping with a 15 year old.

  2. Remember the Mid Winter Fair?
    Carnies are weird... can't believe we trusted them to spin us around in big metal machines... hmmm...

  3. The carnie union will only let them play booty songs.
    Very strict union if you ask me.

  4. I assume that "cotton candy" = candy floss, because I don't think that cotton is edible.

    Perhaps you'll be allowed to go over there on ACS time if you say you're going to sell them store cards.

  5. Yippee. It's that time of the year. There is one of those at the Town Center this weekend. It's freakin' hot. I hope the paramedics are standing by.

    I'm staying clear of the pukefest.



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