Thursday, June 3, 2010



My in-laws sold their home of 33 years and are moving off to the land of cow tipping (no, not Texas). Just kidding, I'm jealous.  As a result, my brother-in-law Jim didn't have a place to stay after his parents sold their house and since he doesn't really feel like moving to the country, Andy made like that inn keeper from the Baby Jesus story and offered him shelter. And so he will be moving into Andy's dungeon tomorrow-slash-today, day of the lord Thursday. While we're at work. When I come home from my 2 jobs, I will be greeted by 2 dogs, 2 fishes and now 2 dudes. I ain't gonna lie to you, it's gonna be weird.

I feel like we just adopted a child and now we're going to have to learn to make some adjustments to our lifestyle. Like arguing in hushed angry tones and turning the TV on extra loud when we are having *fun time*. And by *fun time* I mean playing Monopoly because I hate playing with other people.

I'm a little worried about how he's going to react when he meets my other personalities because they're not all as nice and accommodating as me. Some are downright bitches who get angry at the littlest things like when the shower curtain isn't completely closed or when somebody doesn't save me a chocolate chip cookie after they have eaten the whole bag.

I'm also worried about Andy because he is such a creature of habit, the slightest variation to his day throws him off like a one legged cowboy on a bucking bronco (that ones for you, jean knee) and his first reaction is to lash out to sweet lovable me which forces us to battle like 2 ninjas fighting for a top hat.

This is probably not making any sense because I'm tired so I'll draw you a picture so you can see what my house will look like now:

bee house

On the first floor, or in-law unit, we have my mommy. On the main floor we have me (I drew myself taller because I can)(also, my hair hasn't grown much since the last time I cut it which is making me wonder if I should start wearing wigs), Andy, Jim and the dogs (the fish too but I can't draw fish). On the top floor, which is a converted attic, we have Rick, Maria THE VEGETERIAN and baby Sophia.

Andy will no longer have a dungeon to retreat to and even though I'm working most nights, it's gonna be an adjustment for me to have him so close to my favorite TV watching chair. You know what they say about people in loving relationships, the way to stay happy is to stay away from each other as much as possible. Or something like that.

Pray for us people!


  1. "Andy made like that inn keeper from the Baby Jesus story" I got teary eyed when I read that part.

    Then I read you don't draw fish and my other eye got teary.

  2. Um.....Run, Bee, run!

    Good Luck. ;-)

  3. Wow!! Goodbye "me time". Maybe it will be like one big college party;)

  4. On the downside, you're increasing the chance of a murder being comitted in your house.

    The upside is that it'll make a great whodunnit. Was it Maria in the Dungeon with the dog lead? Or Bee in the garage with the lead piping? They'll bring out a special edition of the well known board game. I presume you'll be Mrs Scarlett.

  5. You are a fine, fine woman. After a long weekend with my immediate family, I was ready to bail. Hey! When and if I ever feel like that again, is there a spare room at your place I could move in to?!

  6. Wow, it's looking more like the Holiday Inn... I feel privileged to have gotten in before the big crowd, thanks!

    (You are truly generous Bee!) :=)

  7. I Love how your mommy is the ONLY one that has accessories and a pic of Bee on the table :)


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