Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sometimes I stumble across things while bargain huntin and I wonder what people were smoking to get their creative juices flowing.

We went to HomeGoods on Friday, I was looking forward to it since Thursday and it was somewhat of a letdown, when I stumbled across this, uh, Leprechaun?



I took a close-up of the face because I wanted you to see that his eye didn't fall out while being shipped. It was made that way! I think he's supposed to be winking? Or giving you the evil eye?


And he also looks like he has a bad case of Rosacea.


Then I thought he was holding a pipe but no, it looks more like a shiv.


I picture him coming over quietly, so as not to alert you of his presence, and then whispering in your ear, "Top o da mornin to ya, laddy!" as he stick the shiv right through your breastplate!



Happy belated Mother's Day to all you Mothers out there! Hope you hade a great day!


  1. Evil Twin wants one of those.


  2. My mother-in-law would have that up in her house every year from the end of February until the middle of April. Then I would inherit it when she passes (not that I'm wishing for that, so back off Evil Shiv-Toting Leprechaun), and there's no way I'd put that token of evil in my house. No. So please, do not tell my mother-in-law (or better yet, any of my sisters-in-law) about HomeGoods!

  3. It's amazing the things some shops will try and sell.

    It's even more amazing the things people will buy.

    Are you planning to use it for some kind of evil ritual? Like a voodoo doll or something?

  4. It belongs next to the black and purple Witch!

  5. they had some rabbits around Easter with those ugly ass faces. They didn't have rosacea though.

    P.S. what did Tazz & Mocha get you for Mother's day? One of those upside down tomato planters?

  6. Hey, that would make a great white-elephant gift exchange present! :-) It would just get passed on and on every Christmas. ;-)

  7. jean knee, you are an evil mushroom troll!

  8. I am glad I didn't see this post last night.

    I want to know how much would someone pay for a thing like that.

  9. Wow that thing is uglier than Chucky. It's fugly. I wouldn't want to sleep with it inside my house. *shiver*

  10. Wow. I really need to know the story behind that little guy....


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