Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sometimes, working at the Asylum makes me angrier than an ant who has just lost its hill to a big foot but there are those rare occasions when I giggle uncontrollably.

I was sitting at my desk, trying to find my cloning machine so that I may honor the world with more Bees and maybe they would help me get some work done, when I overheard this little conversation between a mom who was filling out paperwork and her young son.

Little Boy: Mommy! My butt is full up with pooooooo!

Mommy: I'll take you potty in a minute.

Little Boy: But mommy! Is gonna come out!

Mommy: Just hold it. Mommy needs to finish something for the doctor.

[some silence]

Little Boy: Hold it likes dis mommy?

Mommy: Oh Jakey!! What's on your hands??

Little Jakey: My poooooo!


And then there was chaos in the waiting room but happiness in the business office. 


  1. Ah yes. Mission accomplished.

    (And little Bee laughed a little laughter)

  2. I knew there was a reason I didn't pop a pooh-machine out of my woo-hoo.


  3. That mom totally deserved that!
    Good for you Jakey!

  4. Lol!!! That's what she gets for telling him to hold it!!

  5. It sounds like your first cloning priority will be to make copies of the cleaner.

  6. hey, he just did what she told him to.

  7. Ahhh, motherhood!

    So did they take a sample for the doctor? You know, since it was out, and they were at the doctor's? Kill two birds with one stone... ;0)

  8. I keep waiting for something to happen like that in my place of business.

    No, not the pooh thing.

    I meant the someone following directions thing.

  9. my brother crapped in a display potty at Sears when he was a tyke

  10. I agree w everyone else. That mother totally deserved that. Moron.

  11. That mom is an IDIOT! When you kid tells you they have to go, they REALLY have to go!


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