Sunday, May 16, 2010

What the evil??

Andy and I went to see Ironman 2, for some reason Robert Downey Jr is looking yummier and yummier, when I saw a movie poster I thought was for a horror movie. evil carrie

I was like 'I wonder what movie this is... it looks interesting cuz the chick looks possessed!' as I got closer, I realized what it was for:

Sex in the City 2

They needed to make a second one?? I wasn't far off on the horror movie guess!


  1. At least Shrek has the decency to promise that the horror is over by naming the latest one The Final Chapter...
    Like, if you come see this we promise never to do this to you again.

  2. I was also surprised to hear that they are making a second one.

    I'll pass.

    I want to check out Ironman 2, though.

  3. Im dying to see Iron Man 2. Sex In The City NOT SO MUCH!

  4. Reminds me of that freaky video "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

  5. Sex and the City:
    Never watched the series, never saw the first movie, don't think I'll be seeing this one... next.

  6. I promised to go see this movie as part of a good friends birthday present. At least it will be at a theater where you can drink while watching the movie.

    And I don't mean Cosmos. I mean beer. Cold, refreshing, non-pink beer.

  7. I thought that poster said Carrie 2.

    I shan't be going to see it in either case.


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