Monday, April 12, 2010

Sometimes, I wonder where my posts take a turn to Weirdville.

Andy and I went to Starved Rock this weekend.

We climbed stairs.


Laughed at silly warnings.


Reenacted said warnings and stood too close to a cliff.


Almost tripped over this huge tree! Where are the warning signs??


Found a cave people have been using as a toilet. ::shiver::


A guy who was with 3 teenage boys burst their little "cool! we found a cave!" bubble by saying "Boys, that there is human urine!" and it made me giggle.


Were completely hypnotized by the breath taking sights.


Oh wait, that wasn't what I talking about. Here it is:


That's not it either! Ah, I found it:

starved rock bridge tree

After all the climbing, tripping, and wood smelling, we headed back to the visitors center for some much needed soft serve ice cream. I sat facing the beautiful scenery with my back to the visitor center but something compelled me to turn around (probably Andy's lack of focus?) and that's when I noticed the woman in a tube top dress who kept readjusting the girls, waiting for... her client?


I swear she sat like that for about half an hour, probably longer but I finally dragged Andy back to the car after he went to get a ""soda"".

I now regret calling her a whore because she was probably waiting for her priest so she may confess her sins. Or maybe she was waiting for a date so she thought she'd pose for him so he'd get a good look on the way in? Sad. Poor little big boobed floozy whore! I cry for you.




What? I'm not insecure!


  1. Except for the toilet cave, the "cage" in the water, the near trip, and the lady of the evening(afternoon)... looks like you had a great time!

    Funny post! ;0)

  2. um, last night i saw a wee little man on wee little crutches that i wanted to pick up and take wherever it was that he was going (turned out it was a bar. of course, it was a bar.) then i saw a gigantic man that made me quietly utter the words "anybody want a peanut" under my breath. well, not so much under my breath that it didn't crack up my brother.

    just thought i'd share.

    why do i have a snaeaking suspicion this is going to be my blog post for the day...

  3. I'm glad you finally found the beautiful scenery!


  4. you can tell for sure if she's a ho by looking for bruises from her pimp

    isn't that sad?

  5. Normally all I see at Starved Rock are drunk people - but I guess that is what I get for going during the Vintage Illinois Wine Festival.

  6. "Poor little big boobed floozy whore! I cry for you."


    you crack me up!


    Wow....looks like you had an adventure;)


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