Monday, April 19, 2010

Sometimes I miss the old fashioned gentlemen-ness of life

I'm sitting at the reception desk while Cowardly Lion is at lunch. An older gentleman and his wife walked in for an appointment and his first comment to me was "Little girl, why do you look so sad?" and I replied "I'm not sad at all. I'm dancing on the inside!" and I smiled.
He looked at me for a little while then said "Well I hope you have a nice fella dancing in there with you." and for some reason, who the fuck knows why, that made me weepy!

Somebody give me a slap before I turn into a mushy chick!

I think I managed to save myself though because I let him know that today's dance was a solo act. He laughed.


  1. I wish I was dancing on the inside today!

  2. Yeah, well, sometimes it's hard to get the husbands to dance with us!

    That was funny, Bee.

  3. If your insides are dancing, I'm sure you can get some medicine for that.

  4. So, what song were you dancing to?

  5. Lol!! That's soooo cute, yet pretty funny!!

  6. I was watching the vid of the dancing dog from Britain's Got Talent. VERY VERY cool video. Then the camera pulls out and follows the dog and his owner Tina as they play Michael Jackson's "you are not alone" AND I LOST IT.


  7. Was Billy Idol playing in the background?


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