Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The great jean adventure of 2010.

How far would you go for a great pair of jeans? More importantly, how many people would you drag into your web of obsession?

It all started last Thursday when I *innocently* went to ACS on my day off to try on clothes for our great 41% employee discount event Sunday. The plan was to put aside what I was going to buy and then mosey on out so I could get home to my man making me dinner.

Instead. INSTEAD! I stumbled upon a great denim sale that I needed to take advantage of LIKE RIGHT NOW because it would be over by Sunday so instead of getting $15 jeans at 31% off, I would get $42 jeans at 41% off so the math told me I HAD to get them on Thursday. I tried on this awesome pair but sadly (not really because it's also awesome) they were too BIG. I went to look for a smaller size but it wasn't there. I did what all logical women have done throughout the ages and bought them anyway. Maybe they'll shrink in the wash?

On Friday, I called in sick to the Asylum and somehow convinced my sister to go on a wild jean hunting safari where we would hit a couple of ACS' sister stores but there was one catch. I cannot step foot into another ACS store as an ASC employee because it would mean immediate termination. Don't ask me why because I have already asked and nobody has given me an answer. The plan was for my sister to walk into the store, without the receipt because it would have my name and my discount information, then ask to exchange them for a smaller size. Unfortunately none of the stores we hit had my size which made me weepy and hungry. After a delicious 5 Guys burger, I made the decision to just keep the jeans and maybe invest in a belt.

I wore the jeans on Saturday and they were just too big and sliding off my butt! My manager J decided to call a few different stores to see if they would have my size and she would go and pick them up for me and do a *store trade off* but we had no luck.

I resigned myself to the idea that I would have to take my awesome cheap jeans to a tailor and wind up paying designer prices but you have to do what you have to do for great jeans.

On Monday, I told my sad tale to Margara who took it upon herself to call every store no matter how far and she succeeded! Woohoo, right? Weeeeell...

It turns out the store was about 30 miles away in a very high traffic area and they would only hold the jeans for 24 hours. What to do? What. To. Do? I immediately sent 2 texts. One to my sister, and loyal ally, and one to my Andy. My sister immediately responded with "when do you wantta go?" and my Andy was silent.

Now the next decision would be critical for my happiness. Do I take a gamble that they would hold the jeans until Saturday? Should I risk my sister and I driving to a town we've never been and possibly getting lost and never to be heard from again? Should I try to bribe Andy with ice cream and cheeky bikinis?

I called ACS in Bufu and gave them a sob story about how far I was, how I was desperately trying to find a way to get to my precious jeans and how I had called a bazzilion stores with no luck so they took pity on me and said they'd hold them for me until Thursday. Score! But it was still not Saturday.

I got home on Tuesday, sad and a little broken and told Andy about my oh so close prize. He looked at me lovingly (maybe) and said we'd go Wednesday.

And we did go Wednesday, today, and we had no traffic and we only got lost 3 times and Andy only had to flash his blue eyes to sweet talk the women into exchanging the jeans without a receipt (while I paced in the parking lot because I not only cannot go into the store, but I had to give them a different name for them to hold the jeans and I could not be seen) which he did brilliantly because my man is hot.

And here is my prize.  


The picture does  not do them justice because they look awesome on me! In a smaller size! Woohoo!

I thank all the people that made it possible.  


  1. They look like old ones to me. They're all stained. I think you were ripped off.

  2. I'm sending you some sewing supplies.

  3. high five!!! i felt your pain the entire post- i'm so happy for you that 1-they were a size smaller and 2- you finally got them!!!

  4. Only a girl can understand the sacrifices we have to make for the coveted "perfect pair of jeans"... lord knows those only come once in a life time, unless you want to forego your mortgage for a month for the "celebrity pair".

  5. I still , after 40 years , have never found the perfect jeans. They are always too big in the waist to make room for my giant ass

  6. I've been wearing the same stupid jeans for the last 6 years. Due to someone's inability to commit to losing 5 pounds, I cant buy new ones.

    Someone sucks.

  7. whoooo Hooooo! Im happy to hear you were successful in your quest to obtain your new jeans!

  8. You are very welcome!

    Good jeans are so hard to find.


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