Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sane-ness is overrated. Or maybe I should say *SANITY* is overrated? Meh. I'll stick to *sane-ness*

As some of you may know, my brother-in-law Jim has moved into the Beehive. We're still adjusting and I'm sure we'll go through a bunch of head knocking before we all sit and cumbaya around a campfire.

Since my floor only has 2 bedrooms and one bedroom we use to go night night and the other is Andy's dungeon, Andy had to move his dungeon out so that Jim could use that as his bedroom.


Because our house isn't one of these houses:


we had to figure out where Andy's Orc murdering device would go.

Lucky for me, I now I have my man sitting only about 15 feet away from me.

andy's new digs

Yep, that's right. We are now so close I can read his thoughts and he can hear my growls.

I'll be watching TV and swearing at it because it makes me angry or hungry and he'll be like "what? did you say something?" and I'll say "yes but not to you" and then he'll ask "what?" because he has his earphones on so he can only hear sounds I make and can't actually decipher them and then I'll respond "YES BUT NOT TO YOU" and he'll turn to stare at me and I'll have craned my neck to shake my head and he'll shrug and go back to his "quest". Or, I'll be sitting in quiet reflection as I scroll through my emails and I'll hear "pick up the ads, get out of the fire" and I'll ask "WHAT?? FIRE?? THERE'S A FIRE??" --silence-- "Andy??" and I'll get up so that I may make eye contact and then he'll shoo me away because he's mean and I'll go back to my chair all sad and dejected with the determination not to fall for his tricky trap again but 5 minutes later I'm all like "did you say something?"

I'm not looking forward to the day that I'm watching "So You Think You Can Dance" and swearing at the judges and Andy is trying to call orders to his minions and he'll get upset because his minions can hear me call Nigel an aging douchebag and so a spousal brawl will break out in the kitchen because there isn't any room to fight anywhere else.


On the bright side, I'm partially deaf out of my right ear so maybe everything will be all right in the end.


No, my window still has not been fixed.


I went back for the shoes but they were gone. Now some mean bitch is tottering around in my cool shoes!


  1. Can't he move out to the porch or something? He needs fresh air, right?

  2. I really hope your window gets fixed soon. And seriously, Andy is REALLY lucky that you love him AND that you are partially deaf because I would have to KILL my man if I had to deal with that kind of set up.

    [Yanno, if I HAD a man to kill in the first place!]

  3. Wayne watches TV in the living room and I stay in my office which is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay on the other side of the house and it works out perfectly. If he comes out to the kitchen he'll stop in and give me a hug and ask if I need coffee or food. If I go to the bathroom, I stop in the living room and give him a hug and ask if he's hungry/thirsty, etc.

    This is the best marriage I've ever had. :)

    Sorry about the skank buying your shoes. Maybe they'll restock them soon.

  4. "Yes but not to you"

    And so on forever and ever and ever...


  5. Well, I would have to KILL my man if I had to deal with that kind of set up. anyway thanx for posting.


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