Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So, I have a very serious question.

I needed to kill time before I had to start at ACS so I walked into Marshall's to *just browse*. I don't know if all states have a Marshall's and I know Brian doesn't have one over in Brianland so I'm gonna explain what Marshall's is. Marshall's is a store with supposed brand name clothes/shoes/purses at low prices. I have yet to find a bargain there but I stop in anyway in case it ever happens.

As I was perusing through the shoe aisle (surprised?), I came across a pair of bad ass shoes that  immediately wanted to get on my feet. Who was I stop them? I put them on and headed for a mirror. As I was admiring myself (as I tend to do about every 45 minutes), I had a horrific thought "Am I too old to wear these shoes?"!



I mean, the brand name is Dollhouse which implies they are either for young women or strippers and, well, I am thirty with a seven after it which, even though I'm short, isn't as youthful as it sounds and I know for a fact I'm not a stripper... maybe.

I almost talked myself into buying them since they were only $24.99 but sensible, old, non-stripper Bee decided to pose the question to my friends who will be 100% honest with me and tell me if those shoes are inappropriate for a woman of my stature. I mean they are in the sense that they would add to my stature but let's not confuse the matter.

So, yes or no to me going back and getting the shoes?

Also, I hear the Blackhawks won?



  1. I only buy shoes when my other ones wear out - maybe you should do the same.

    However, if you do get them people will probably just think that you're a retired stripper, like Marg Helgenberger in CSI.

  2. Bwahahaha!! A retired stripper?? Then i'd have to wear a wig for sure.

  3. Hey, if you can still wear them at age 37 without having your feet go numb at the end of the day, go for it!

    For me, it was fashion over comfort for many years... now it's time to pay the piper! It sucks... so I'll live vicariously through you! :-)

  4. I'm probably not the one to ask. I wear man shoes

  5. be shoppertunistic and just buy 'em ...who cares what other people think anyways??

    NOW it they have clear heels I would say NO WAY!! But for $24.99, what not??

  6. One's feet are never too old for shoes like that. I just hope they're still there when you go back to buy them. BUY THEM!

  7. Buy them! Age is never a good reason to pass up a pair of hot shoes. Besides Hollywood ladies wear shoes like that and they are nowhere near as youthful as you

  8. Buy them! If you are 98 and in a nursing home and you want those shoes? Buy them! Who are other people to try to bring you down?

    Betty with no google account.

  9. HOT SHOES!!!...YES
    hotness has no age

  10. we recommend nursing shoes in a drab shade of gray.

    to match yer hair


  11. Shoes ... be good ... for Bee ... right? (right?) ... so Bee ... buy shoes ...

    Sorry, I was spelling it out in guy thinking. It takes a while for some things to filter through.

    Shoes = happy feelgood place, no?
    $25 = 10 sandwiches with too much sodium, cholesterol etc ... hell, woman, think of your health! Buy them.

  12. "to *just browse*."
    That's what she said. Seriously.

    Those are wicked cool shoes. Teh internets has spoken "Get them."

  13. No! You are not too old for those shoes. Buy them and then rock them.

  14. Okay, I know we are in the same state and now I feel compelled to go find those shoes for my trip to Vegas at the end of the month.

    And you are never too old for those shoes. Betty White told me so.

  15. They look like the shoes you should wear when you are going to kick someone's ass, they are totally you!

  16. I do NOT think you are too old for those heels. However, when you are 47 you should STOP buying stripper shoes!


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