Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This took place 5 minutes ago but I think it stopped time.


Me to Milton: Ick! My purse smells like rotten mango!


Milton: What? It smells like what?


Me: Rotten mango.


Milton (horrified): Why would it smell like that?


Me: Because I put it in there a couple days ago and forgot about it.


Milton (face ashen white and looking puke-y): Why would you do that?  Why? Unless I'm confused about what 'mangoo' means?


Me: … … … I said MANGO not MANGOOMANGO!


Milton (looking relieved): Oh! Okay! That makes sense! Rotten MANGO! I was wondering if 'mangoo' was slang for—


Me: No! Let's just... let's just … I don't know what to say right now so I'm just going to pretend this conversation never took place.

::lays on floor in fetal position chanting hymns::



  1. It took me a second, but then it dawned on me. Ewwww. ;)

  2. Wait. You put a rotted mango in your purse?


    Ugh. I think the cat just farted.

  3. Wow. Mango, I get. Man goo...who even comes up with that? She scares me.

  4. you are so lucky to get to work with Milton every-single- work day.

  5. We should swap work places one day and then blog about it...

  6. Hey Bee,

    Not sure if you remember me but I used to write a blog that you seemed to enjoy. Due to how busy my schedule is, I'm unable to keep the blog going. However I have (finally) signed up for Twitter so you can find small slices of Sully wisdom from time to time on there. My tag is @ThatSullyGuy



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