Monday, June 13, 2011

My work friends are cooler than your work friends!

Scarecrow to Me: When I run out of Vicodin, I pour water in the bottle the pills came in and drink it. You'd be surprised how much pill dust is still in there!


Me: ::blink blink:: I think you have a problem.


Scarecrow: I don't! It's not like I'm pouring Gin in there!— BWAHAHAHA! I think I just invented a new shot!




Nope. She definitely doesn't have a problem.


  1. Oh my, I've NEVER heard of someone doing that... nah, she doesn't have a problem (yeah right!). Crazy. :-0

  2. I don't think she's crazy - I think she may be RainMan or something. I mean, I do the same thing with jarred pasta sauce, does that make me crazy? (No, not the water thing, taking it to numb my chronic back pain...)

  3. YIKES! And she works at a medical office?


  4. I thought everyone did that

    I mean, why waste?

  5. Vicodin is apparently banned here, so it must be good stuff. She should definitely try it with gin.

  6. LOL -- wish I would have read this before I threw out that last Vicodin bottle!

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