Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am so gender confused!

I was reviewing my blog stats the other day because the searches that land people on my blog always amuse me. For some reason, there are a bunch of people obsessed with *googly eyes*! Anyway, I came across somebody, a spam site I think, linking to me via a post called "50 Best Blogs for Marriage Advice".

I was like "Oh cool! Somebody actually listens to my backwards advice! Someone will probably live happily ever sometimes based on all the little nuggets I post about my marriage! It feels so good to be able to inspire people-- wait what??" and my ego bubble burst!

" 9. Bee’s Musings : Written by a quirky man who lives in a Chicago suburb, this blog gives an inside look at one man’s view on the opposite sex and their views on men. Don’t be surprised if things get a little wacky!" 

Que? Me? A MAN??

I mean, I know I'm tougher than most men and can basically whoop ninja ass but I know for a fact I'm a girl!

I think?

I do remember getting all that spam about making my penis bigger...

And I still get these in my inbox.

Recommended for men of all ages‎ - Better lovemaking does not have to come at a crazy price

Achieve greater strength and girth‎ - Your lovemaking ability decides the chicks you can get

When no is a dirty word‎ - Love your pecker, and make your pecker love more and she will love you

She will fondle your nerve endings‎ - With my improved stamina, i could take her on all night long

Sex will never be the same again‎ - Look, it really works, you should try these organ enhancement organic pills

::sigh:: Spammers can't be wrong! Maybe my mom should sue the doctor that told her I was a girl? To think of all the money she could have saved on all those frufru dresses she bought me. Will I have to learn to like sports? And what about my shoes?

My pretty pretty shoes!

  maestro3 boots

Will they still fit me if I'm a man?

I think I need a nap.


  1. I think those shoes would need a wider toe box if you were a man wearing those.

    Yes. I just used the words toe box. Sigh...

  2. Thankyou for well-written your sex blog. This has helped with his college assignment. Please to visit site.

  3. Oh MY GOD!!!!!

    think of the shoes. NOOOOOOOOO

    you'll have to be a transvestite now that you're a man.

  4. Does Any realize he's married to a man? Is this going to affect his self-image in any way?

    P.S. I'm the one who bugged you on FB the other night about the end of the assistant story. Up to last September in the archives!

  5. I do love those pretty shoes! And you my friend are FAR from a man!

  6. If you're a man, you would talk about boobs.


  7. You should write a post from a man's point of view and title it "bOObs, beer, tools & t!ts"... Lol

  8. I remember boots like those.... many, many, many moons ago! I used to be able to rock them, now it's comfort over fashion... soon I'll be wearing tennis shoes with silk skirts :-/

  9. Brilliant website, I had not come across earlier during my searches!
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  10. I don't know, if you are a man now are you going to start scratching your crotch in public? You should really think this through.

    Gah! You'll have to start watching ESPN now too.

  11. So you're a dude? With pretty shoes? Like, a drag queen?


    Funny post, Bee!

  12. Every time I get an email about making my penis bigger, they always show me a picture of some other guy's penis getting bigger. I don't want to make his penis bigger... I really don't.

  13. I knew that topless pic you sent me looked too good to be true.


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