Monday, August 23, 2010

Nut crackers!

Andy and I went to Costco on Sunday to restock our toilet paper stash and grab another 20 pound bag of Chihuahua cheese when we walked by this display.


That right there is a Nutcracker display. Wait, I need to repeat that. THAT RIGHT THERE IS A NUTCRACKER DISPLAY! As in the toy soldiers that guard the Christmas tree from rabid squirrels during the Christmas season. The Christmas season that is usually in December!

Sunday was August 22! Who needs to start stocking up on Nutcrackers while the sun is still burning the grass and drying the rivers?


I should go back and buy 2.


  1. You've never heard of Christmas in July? Well, I guess this year it's in August.

  2. I'm surprised you've left it this long to get your Christmas stuff - if you don't hurry, they'll soon be all gone.

  3. who couldn't use a spare nutcracker?

  4. I don't remember ever needing one, rather than an army of nutcrackers. Besides, they make me nervous.

  5. OMG! That's a little too much for me! Im worried about Back To School right now, I cant handle thinking about Christmas!

  6. There ought to be a law against this.

  7. They will be gone tomorrow. I'd buy 4.


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