Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It seems trouble and weird older women follow me wherever I go!

So I have officially completed 2 full weeks at Anonymous Clothing Store. It's interesting (probably just to me) how different I feel going from the Asylum to ACS. It's a nice change of pace and I enjoy working with people that are closer to my age and know who Lady Gaga is. I'm not sure but I think I may be the oldest one there. Well, let's call me the most experienced one there and not the oldest one.

That's why I found so much amusement from the following conversation:

(As is tradition on this blog, my coworkers will have code names)

Hilary: If anybody confronts you about your hours, you tell them that it's probably because they're not getting enough people to sign up for the store credit card.

Me [as I was innocently hanging jeans]: What do you mean 'confronts you'?

Hilary: I don't want to bring the drama but some girls resent the fact that you're getting more hours than they are so they may come to you and say something. You're so nice that I don't want them to hurt your feelings.

Me: ... Um, thank you for your concern but you don't have to worry about me. (dying of laughter inside)

Hilary [genuinely concerned and that's why I did my best to remain serious]: Well you just don't let them push you around.

Me: Okay. I won't. (the Bee in my head is almost peeing herself from laughing so hard)

I didn't elaborate and give them examples of conversations I've had with lawyers, egotistical OZ and the bats because I think surprise attacks are better. I mean, would a kick in the groin be as effective if a person yelled out "I'm gonna kick you in the giblets!" right before? I'm sure it'll still hurt but you don't have that shock factor.

Anyway, I'm sure that when the time comes I'll show people how charming I can be.

Here are a couple of stories of the trade.    

Woman in her 50s walks into the store and tells me she's going on vacation so she wants some light t-shirts and khakis. I point her in the right direction and after she's made her selections, I open a dressing room for her.

After a little while I went and asked her how she was doing.

Woman: Do you have this in a slightly larger size? [hands me shirt over door]

Me: Let me check. [I find a larger size] Yes we do. I'll just put it on the--

Woman opens the dressing room door without a shirt on, displaying saggy boobage.

Woman: Thanks! Here, take these. [hands me clothes she doesn't want and so she gets close up I die a thousands deaths] They didn't work. 

olllllld Me: ... stutter stutter

I don't know about you guys but I prefer boobs that are young and perky... Wait, I think I just channeled Andy.

Later, I was standing in the front part of the store greeting people and an old lady walked through the door and I did my thing. Let's observe:

Me: hello! Welcome to ACS!

Old lady: Hi! Can you tell me if you still carry these leggings? [points at her legs]

Me: Do you remember when you bought them?

OL: About 2 months ago.

Me: There might be some in the clearance section but we have these new ones right here. Do you remember the style name?

OL: I'm not sure, here take a look.


Let's all observe a moment of silence for my innocence is dead.


  1. bwwahahahahahah

    I prefer my old lady boobage and crack to be completely covered by clothing.

  2. I am pretty sure you are NOT going to have a problem 'standing up for yourself' when/if you get 'confronted' by some of the other girls.

    But, I do think it was 'sweet' of the other girl to warn you.

  3. Some of us are babe magnets, but you appear to be a bat magnet.

  4. Please be nice to the girls when/if they ever get brave enough to say something to you.

    I'm loving your blog fodder.

    I'm so sorry you got the "show".


  5. awww, theyre just flirting with you ;)

  6. BWahaa haa haa haa....I run a boutique and the majority of our "clients" are around 145 years old. Some are hippies too and they love to prance around with there nerples hanging out and down.

  7. Ewwwwww. Old lady butt-crack.
    I love that the youngster said "I don't want a bring the drama"...hee hee:)

  8. did she not have a bra on?
    i have to say that i've done that -- but with bra on of course.
    i guess i just figured we all have boobs, what's the big deal?

    but perhaps that's odd.

  9. lmao when working in a shop i once had a woman ask me if i could do up her flies for her because she had a broken arm and couldn't reach. as my hand was almost there i pulled away suddenly and told her no and that she should just pull her tshirt over it. dirty cow

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