Saturday, March 20, 2010

Maybe it's because I still have my Christmas Village on my mantel? Also, I need to pump up my boobies! Pump. Up. My. BOOBS!

3.19.10 008

So we had a week of wonderful sunshine and warm weather but it looks like we're going back to this this weekend:

3.19.10 083 

My tender parts just inverted themselves into my body.

I just wanted to give a quick update on my determination to pull myself up from my bootstraps. I'm doing great so far. I am officially at 16 pounds lost which rocks all kinds of ass.

I bought jeans for the first time in years. I hadn't wanted to buy any after I hit a certain size because I would think "I refuse to buy that much fabric and make those poor little sweatshop kids work extra hard to lift one of my pant legs!" so I stopped wearing jeans.

Just recently, I found a perfect style that showcased my butt just so, you women know what I'm talking about, right? My biggest problem now? They are getting loose! Oh the problems I have! ;o)

I've had some tough times. Especially living with the human vacuum cleaner I call my husband. I honestly think he is trying to eat everything in sight for fear that my dieting will make food disappear!

He makes waffles at 10:30 at night while I'm chewing on my nails. He makes himself delicious sundaes while I drool on my shirt. He eats WHOLE PIZZAS...

So, I decided to indulge in another vice.




Brian asked how late we were to get back to the store on the other post. We were 20 minutes late and there were 4 women standing outside the door itching to make our lives miserable.


I also went bra shopping and encountered a gay guy at the women's store. He helped me out which was okay but then he asked, "did you know you could put two pillows in one?" and I was like the hell? I looked down at my boobs wondering how the hell I would be able to contort them in that manner. It turns out he meant to tell me I could use two of their plastic air contraptions to give myself more cleavage. Well, thank you Jack McFarland, for telling me my rack is in need of an extra boost! Way to kick a girl in the balls!

Lane Bryant 40 D 40d Lacy Blue Push Up Plunge Bra


  1. Is Andy one of those types that can eat and eat and never gain a pound? I hate those kind of people!!! :) Not that I hate Andy, mind you, just those kind of people.

    What is it with you and shoes anyway? I think you've had other posts about shoes. Do you have some kind of shoe fetish?

  2. LOL! Tell Andy to stop eating like that because when he hits a certain age.....BOOM!

    Congrats on your success and your new jeans, shoes, and.....ahem...puff'm up bra!

  3. Yeah 16!

    Saboteurs... there's always one around the corner when you're trying to diet... that was my ex-boyfriend... Do you know he had the gall to say it was because he liked my "lunch lady arms"! Can you believe that?

    I'm not saying Andy would ever say that to you... he seems awfully nice! "-)

    Take care and keep up the good work!

  4. I'm always suspicious when women want to lose weight - it's usually because they want a reason for buying a new wardrobe.

    Unfortunately though, it doesn't give you an excuse to buy yet more shoes.

    How do you know that man was gay, and that he isn't just pretending so that he can get a job working with boobs? Come to think of it, was he actually working there, or does he just hang around women's lingerie departments?

  5. ha haaa he was probably just some guy off the street wanting a look at the ole rack

  6. 16 pounds! That is impressive. I'd be happy to lose 6. Actually I'd be happy to lose 2.

  7. Wooooo-Hoooooooo for 16!!! That's awesome!!!

    Sucks about the jeans only a little, cause now you'll be in to a smaller size :)

    looove the shoes!

    Lol on the bra dude, at least he didn't tell you to take yours off so he could show you what he meant! :)

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  10. OMg! The shoes? Holy Super Hotness!

  11. It seems a litte retail therapy does wonders for my wife too. Shoes are always good.

  12. Remember the water bra? Well, back in 2000 (ugh) my friends and I went to a Victoria Secret and were looking at them. The overly friendly sales woman was telling us all about how they feel so natural and move with you and there won't pop at all.

    One friends asks "What if you get shot?"

    Sales lady (whose face went white) replies "I think if you get shot you have bigger problems than a leaky bra."

  13. I read this days ago and couldn't comment then, but I wanted to come back and tell you to keep kicking ass on the workout and weight loss efforts! You're doing a great job! I'd like to say the reason I couldn't comment days ago was because I was so overwhelmed with the need to work out, but that wouldn't be true. I'm trying, though.

  14. CONGRATS on 16 pounds!!!! *hug-cause I know you are touchy feely and all* heehee. You HAVE GOT to try Buckle jeans, they are the BEST butt jeans EVER!!


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