Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I stared danger in the face an only came out a little dusty for it.

I worked ACS on Saturday. As usual, I got there early and had to wait and wait and WAIT for the manager to arrive so she could let me in. People just don't have the same work ethic I do! She arrived 15 minutes late with the news that we both had to go to the bank before we could open the store (they don't trust 1 person handling the cash and I'm sure 2 people never conspire to steal). The bank that is 10 minutes away and the store is supposed to open at 10. I'm not very good at math but I did the below calculations using my limited skills:

Current time: 9:45
Drive to bank: 10 minutes
Allotted time for cashier at bank: 5 minutes (if we we're lucky!)
Drive back: 10 minutes


So my calculations have us being late by 970 hours. I'm right, Brian! Don't try to fool me!

We get in her filthy car and then says to me, all blasé-like, "don't lean on the door because it doesn't close" HUH? I went for the seat-belt and guess what? NO BUCKLE! So I pulled the strap over my bruisable/breakable body, sent a longing glance to my car with it's workable doors and seat-belts and prayed she wasn't a kamikaze driver. Then I realized it was Saturday the 13th, day of evil!

Now I know I'm old because busted up cars never used to bother me before. Now I'm all "but I might die!" and have turned into a wimp.

In other news, Purple Dino-SOUR retired effective Thursday day of the lord March 18. One down 4 more to go!


  1. Hahaha.... "970 minutes late."

    That's how I do math in the morning when my alarm clock is blaring and I am hitting snooze for the 8th time.

  2. You are brave, Bee. I hate riding with co-workers that I don't know that well.

    So do all "young" manager-types have this kind of work ethic?


  3. I don't know Bee. I'm really starting to crave a Milton story here.

    my car is digusting like that. We'll take your car and I'll pay for gas if we ever go anywhere together.

    it could happen

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  5. Work ethic 101 was dropped from the courses of the University of Life... due to the economy...

    they don't make 'em like they used to

  6. So how late were you in the end?
    Were there any customers waiting for the shop to open when you got back?

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  8. got to ride in the front seat...



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