Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I am going out and buying all the Bailey's I can find.

Okay so, I have to make a few announcements. No groaning please!

First, I want to say that I've been honored by 2 awards and one interview.

The first award I received back on 10/9/08 but I've been doing house/flood stuff so I've been neglecting my bloggy duties (and my wifely duties but that is a matter for a different kind of audience).

I got it (sounds like she transferred some weird disease!) from AngieSS from Cup of Snarky Humor Blog. It's the Arte y Pico award which, by the rules, you are supposed to link back to him/her.

I'm gonna say that he/her can come over personally and tell me why we should all be linking to it/she/him. Has he/her/it come by anybody's blog/site/house and thanked them/they/us?

Mr./Mrs./Dr. come out come out wherever you are! Okay, it's really a she but I like doing the he/it/she/what? bit.

At any rate, I thank Angie and gladly link her all over the place! Watch: link link link link blink link. Thanks Angie, for recognize all the qualities my ex-best friend in the 11th grade could not! Also, I am terribly sorry your blog is not rated NC-17 and the cuss-o-meter doesn't read "93.9% of all obscenities are centered on this blog". ::shaking head sadly::

My next award was by the one and only Suzy at Hollywood Where Hot Comes to Die. And I quote "Do NOT cross this chick because she will cross you back, only hers will be funny."

Tell me that is not an awesome thing for her to say! Coming from Suzy, that is a huge compliment.

Thanks Suzy!


The interview.

A new blogger that goes by the name of Abstract (very cool name and I wish I had come up with something awesome when I first started blogging! Look at me! I'm an insect!), sent me a few questions and asked if it would be okay to feature little OLD me on her first post.

Since I'm a sucker for flattery and ego boosting, I accepted on the condition that she give me top billing! ...I don't know what that means either.

The name of her site is Great Sites Everyone Should Read. Here is the link for my interview.

She posted it last night and said "It looks amateurish and I'm sorry for that. Once I'm more experienced in the art of blogging I will re-do you."

Well! A re-do. I'm hoping it's because I'm that awesome and not because I didn't please her the first time. Anyway, go check her out please and show her some comment love.

I'll be very embarrassed if you don't since I personally believe she chose the wrong horse. I said HORSE! Not whores. Dammit people!

Anyway, I think that's it for now. Oh! How hot is the chick in this commercial?



  1. Hey, Im an insect. I think bee is a very cute name and it suits you I think. Anyway, congrats on the awards you cute blogger you.

    buzz buzz

  2. Congrats on the Awards and the interview - yes, I went and read it. Can I have your autograph?

    I'd give you an award too, but I haven't found one yet in the shape of a sexy shoe.

  3. I'd give you an award, but I don't think they allow me to ship champagne across state lines anymore!

    Grats, and keep up the great job there Bee!

  4. Mazel tov from Rickey! That's some crafty blog whoring!

  5. there was a chick in that commercial? all i saw was the alcohol...guess i better re-watch

    Congrats on your bling-your package should be arriving anyday I mailed it in torrential downpours so if it is water stained i am sorry

    okay off to check out your interview

  6. Girlfriend, you deserve every award you get! I always have so much fun and such big laughs while I'm here.

    And, I'm carefully perusing every post over and over again so that I may one day be in your "NC-17" league. ;^)

    Angie luvs ya!

  7. Lovely Bee!

    Congrats on the awards and awesome interview - you (as always) ROCK.

    Hmmm...9:37 am. Too early for Bailey's? I think not.



  8. Bee, I think you'll be forever in my favs, even if you didn't come up with "Abstract" first.

  9. Congrats on the awards. I'll join you with a Bailey's.

  10. Gee, someone gave me some Baily's two years ago and I put it in the liquor cabinet and forgot about it.

    If I knew a woman like that was going to pop out, I would have given the bottle to my wife. It would be much easier to her to explain it to me than for me to explain it to her.

    Anyway, I smoke cigars with my liquor so a creamy drink is just not for me. Anyone want a two year old bottle? There could be a Jeanie [sic] inside.

  11. Congrats on the awards and the interview Bee! I always knew you were amazing! It's finally time somebody else got it too!
    Oh and uh..I like Baileys too so if you need a drinking buddy or anything, you give me a call..ok?

  12. Interviews, awards, I'll bet your in Wikipedia...on PAGE 1!!!!

  13. Award? Did you win anything?

    Who is the award from ?

  14. Congrats and all the awards, and all the recognitions and all the interviews and all the linking and all the videos and all the drinking and all the announcements and all the use of pronouns and all the wifely duties and all the cuss-o-meters and all the ex-friends and everything.



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