Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh wow. It's December 28!

Yeah, time flies when you're looking for your underpants . . . or so I've been told.

I hope your Christmas was as good as mine. I spent an awesome Christmas Eve with my family, even though we missed my nephew, little man Mateo (and his parents too I guess ::winky face::), it was such a great night mainly because the little ones enjoyed it so much. It's all about the children and their greeed! ::just kidding face::

We spent Christmas Day in a winter wonderland, my in-laws' new place in Veryfarville, which is a lovely peaceful oasis from the real world. It's like the Calgon of the 21st century. Why can't I ever freakin spell century? To make matters worse, once the spell check comes on, I can't figure out which one of the 2 it is because they both sound right in my head. Only, when I pronounce the first option, I say it in a British accent so it sounds a lot classier.


I know I've been slacking on my duties at Shangri-La Bee's Musings. Here I thought that, once I left Anonymous Clothing Store, I would have all this extra time to post on a regular basis and yet I've still been neglectful to the very thing that was helping me keep my sanity, if not in my brain, at least somewhere around my knee area.

It's not that I don't find things ironically amusing anymore, because my life is still one giant joke, it's just that I find myself too lazy to move my laptop from its designated place on top of the bookshelf (because it was ousted from its prior comfy home atop my computer cart with my beautiful red chair once my brother in law moved in and Andy's dungeon had to be moved out into *my* space, leaving me with no place of my own to plan my take over of the world-BUT I'M NOT BITTER!), drag the cord and then try to balance my laptop on my, well, lap. I don't think my lap is built to hold anything bigger than a chia pet.

computercart Oh the memories!

I sometimes have a great idea for a post so I jot a fragment of my idea down so that I'll remember it later but then when I come back to it, I'm like say what? ::confused face with head tilted and eyebrow askew::

Take for example: hidden behind bob

I know only 2 Bobs. One is my ex-boss who was all kinds of awesome and the other is a kid who used to work at Brown's Chicken a million years ago and I have tried my hardest to forget, he left a lasting impression on my smelling sense because he hated showers. I haven't seen either one recently so I'm not really sure what the frick I meant by "hidden behind bob".

I even had a Merry Christmas post that was almost finished which I entitled "All I want for Christmas is black shoe polish" but I changed my mind about posting it because I was afraid it would have been taken very literally and my Christmas stocking would be stuffed with nothing but shoe polish instead of what I really wanted which was a donkey (a poor woman’s pony).

Maybe I should have posted it anyway considering that my house is still donkey-less ::Damn you Santa!::

I really had trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year. If you don't believe me, witness my Christmas tree one week before Christmas:

christmastree I know it still looks pretty but that’s only a fraction of my ornaments.I mean, even Archibald The Ugly looked better.

Normally, I get my tree right after Thanksgiving and then decorate It and the house that very weekend but this year I just didn't have it in me. I finally had my niece Natalia help me out because a naked tree screams out Grinch and there is no room for one in my family.

I think the lack of spirit is partly because I came down with what I'm calling the Deadly-Jim-Flu-of-2010 for the last week of November and most of December. Jim is my brother-in-law who got sick a couple of days before Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving Day had full on chills and weakness before my family came over. And since he loves sitting in my chair when I'm not around, the evil virus probably laid in wait until I absorbed it into my skin and then BAM! it attacked me by filling my lungs with goo and taking my strength, my power! Anyway, I haven't been right since.

It's weird. Our year wasn't too horrible, especially in comparison to the flood of 2008, and yet I feel like this year was one I would have loved to just have slept through, with the exception of the birth of nephew of course.

It started with my breakdown in February and things didn't get better when an extra body was added to our household and I'm going to be brutally honest because this is my blog, my outlet, it has been extremely difficult.

I don't want to go into too much detail because I love my Andy and I know he'd be upset if I vent about it here, even though venting was the reason for this blog, I can't do that to our relationship.

It's just one of those things where we're going to come up with some rules, and we can do that because My Andy and I are the rulers of the Beehive, and these rules will have to be followed because we will stomp our feet and shake our fists theatrically until our will is done!

End of story.

I'm surprised I’ve let this go on for so long since we all know I’m not the most patient of people.

We'll be fine I'm sure. I had to go through this with my own brother and now the dude is doing A-freaking-mazing. Going to school, helping Andy and I out, working and taking care of his child. I couldn't be prouder if he told me he was also Batman.

I'm hoping to do better next year or um, next week, and post on a regular basis. I don't know who's still out there but I know of a couple of you who still love me! ::winky face with tongue sticking out::


Andy’s Christmas Andyism:

Andy: I feel bad that we’re not buying anything for the dogs this Christmas.

Me: Huh? The dogs don’t give a crap! They don’t even know it’s Christmas!

Andy: But I know it’s Christmas. I know! [shakes his head sadly]

He’s so cute.

Saturday, December 4, 2010