Monday, July 18, 2011

Sometimes, life gives you a thumbs up!

So, you know how I’m always complaining about my bad luck and yucky job and other family related stress factors? Well not today! Today I am feeling lucky!

About a month ago, I signed up to see if I could be one of the lucky few who would get a sneak peak at the new Casino opening up near my house. I had already given up hope because it was only 6 days away and I hadn’t received any news and then it happened! I got the email saying I was in!

::insert bad dancing here::

Woohoo! Andy and I will get all gussied up so we may enjoy an evening of free food, non-alcoholic beverages, MORE FREE FOOD, maybe some coffee and some “gambling” . I say “gambling” because I’m not a fan of money being set afire which to me is the equivalent of gambling so we will probably just place our own bets like "how much do you want to bet that lady isn't wearing underwear?" and then we'll be escorted out once we ask her.

Ironically, even though everything will be complimentary, we've spent quite a few Thomas Jeffersons preparing for this event. Andy and I got haircuts, I tortured a poor lady by making her give me a mani-pedi, my car needed professional washing since it hadn't been washed thoroughly since before the time my mom left a package of chicken breast in the trunk for 5 days. IN 90 DEGREE WEATHER. Lucky for me, I already had the perfect shoes to wear.

 It's gonna be awesome!

This was supposed to be posted on 7/15/11 but I guess my shoes were too hot for blogger!


  1. Those aren't 5 inchers BEEutiful...

  2. SWEET shoes! Have fun. And free gambling means they'll kick you off with some cash!

    you go, girly!

  3. dang Bee, you are lucky. I had to watch Rango last night.

  4. How fun! Especially when it's free. Love the shoes!

  5. You obviously know shoes, LL, those are 3 inchers. I thought I should be comfy as I gambled my life away. ;o)


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