Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So the other day…

(That’s how all my posts are going to start when I’m gonna write about something that happened a while ago.)

So, the other day I walked my niece Natalia to school and took Mocha with me. As some of you may know, our dogs are not what the snooty Dog Show people would call classically beautiful

Tazz looking high:

tazz high

Mocha looking like she was cross bread with a bear and a ferret:

mocha on two legs 

But they’re our 2 little freaks and we love ‘em. This means that nobody else can talk smack about them without angering the beast within me. Which brings me to “the other day’.

As we walked through the school playground, a group of what I can only assuming are 5th graders (because they were bigger than a bread box) came to check out the doggie. I was met “Awws” and “here doggie” but then I heard one of the little shits say (sorry, I’m not a kid person) “Ewww! What an ugly dog!” and so I got closer and asked the group “Would you guys like to pet her?” and they all came over and petted her but when the obnoxious, no good, bad seed, bent down to pet her, I pointed at him, shook my finger and said, “Not you. You said she was ugly.” and he looked at me with his little beedy eyes and then ran off.

Now I ask ya’ do I give new meaning to the phrase “Stranger danger”?


  1. HA!!! At least you didn't slap the kid on a bus in front of a dozen witnesses (while being filmed). Good way to deal with your dog bully!

  2. little bast%rds should keep their mouths closed

  3. I avoid children at all costs. At restaurants, when asked where I'd like to sit, I always say "Where there's no children". The more I'm around my dog, the more I understand why their so easy to love. They're not kids!

  4. WAY TO GO! Although if that obnoxious kid is anything like my mom, he says awful things just to get attention. Just to get people to agree with him or gather around him like he's an oracle.



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