Monday, July 26, 2010

Bonding time at the Asylum. Also, I learn what lycanthropy means.

I was walking down the hallway at the Asylum last week, on my way to get a refill on sweet sweet coffee, when Glynda stopped me to ask how much weight I'd lost so far. I let her know I was yo-yoing between 22 and 24 because the weekend usually had me stuffing my face with yummy things so I'd gain 2 pounds and then I'd lose them during the week.

While we were talking, Toto and Scarecrow had gathered around me and each one was commenting on how great I looked. I told them that it was because I was wearing jeans, rare casual days at the Asylum are one of the few perks we have, and that I happened to find a great fit.

We talked some more about my plans to keep losing weight.

Me: I haven't been working out but hopefully Andy will join the gym and we can go together. The only thing is that I have to make him wear blinders so that he doesn't drool over the hot chicks in their tiny spandex outfits. [I said jokingly]

Glynda [looking completely surprised]: Why would he look at other women when he has you?

. . . I have received many compliments and encouraging words from my brothers and their wives, my sister, my mom and coworkers and I have appreciated every single one of them but that, by far, was one of the nicest things anybody has ever said to me.

Me: Thank you! But my husband is like every other husband. He wouldn't notice if I grew a second nose. I can reenact that scene in Fried Green Tomatoes where Kathy Bates makes an outfit for herself out of plastic saran wrap and wears nothing underneath because she's hoping to spice things up with her husband and all he says is "What's for dinner?" as he walks away. Only, in my case, he would ask, "Did you feed the dogs?".

We all laugh.

Glynda: I find that hard to believe! You remind me of one of those curvy pin up girls! Andy better watch out or some guy is gonna come up and swoop you away!

Bee: ::blushes:: Uh thanks. I really don't think he feels any threat whatsoever, though. I think he'd be more shocked like "Huh? Does that guy need glasses?"

Glynda: Well that's not very nice.

Me: I'm kidding! I'm sure he'd be upset. I mean, who would help him pay the mortgage? ::winks::

Toto: My husband once said that the only way he wouldn't look at other woman is if he was blind or dead.

Scarecrow: I can't take mine to the pool without having to tell him to stop staring! I don't do that with the young men in the pool!

Me: ::shrugs:: Listen, we're wired different. Our men can lose their hair and have barrel beer-bellies but for some reason we view them the same way as when we dated. I think it's because we don't have that appendage that sticks straight up that acts like a homing device when we see something we like.

We all nod.

Glynda: My husband keeps talking about that woman who was in the news? The one that was video taped in her hotel room (Erin Andrews) and says he'd like to see that video. Men are pigs.

Me: In all honesty, we have to give them a break. It used to bother me too but then (after an epiphany) I thought about it logically. When I go to the movies, do I drool over this guy:


or this guy?:


Glynda [nodding]: That makes sense. You know who I think is really cute? Mathew McConaughey.

Me [thumbs up]: Great taste! I know Scarecrow has a thing for Zac Effron.

Scarecrow: He has some nice abs!

Me: Very very nice abs!

Toto: ::rolls her eyes:: I need another man like I need another hole in the head! I really like Paul Newman, though.

Scarecrow: Paul Newman is dead!

Toto: I know that! I didn't say I was attracted to him in his current state! [thinks] I guess Brad Pitt isn't too hard to look at.

Me: You see? We're not blind or dead either! The difference is that we are not vocal about who we find attractive and they are.

Glynda [still upset that my marriage isn't any different than hers]: Well, I know for a fact my husband would be ogling you.

Scarecrow & Toto: Mine too!

Me [looking for the exit]: Awww that's sweet! Weird, but sweet. Don't worry about me though because I have people like you guys boosting my ego every day.


::sigh:: Marriage doesn't get any easier, I guess. This is discouraging because it seems like their husbands are no longer being discreet in their fascination with women and make their wives all too aware of what they "lack". I don't understand why they wouldn't want to make the women they "love" happy by simply saying something nice about them.  It doesn't take too much of an effort to compliment your significant other, so why is it such a chore? I can guaran-damn-tee that if one of their husbands were to say something simple like "Your eyes look really blue* today!" or "I love your smile" they would have these women feeding them grapes while fanning them with palm leaves!

I don't know about you, ladies, but I'm constantly telling Andy how good he looks. I don't do it because I want him to return the favor. I do it because I want him to feel good about himself and know that after all these years, I still think he's a hottie. On the flip side, maybe I'm just wasting my time because he may think it's weird since men obviously do not need that type of everyday encouragement.

Oh well! Too much thinking for one day!

I take satisfaction in the fact that I helped release 3 cougars to the wild because if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!




Want to touch. THE HINEY!!



*Blue only works if their eyes are actually blue. If they're brown don't say blue m'mkay?


Lycanthropy is in She Wolf's lyrics and when I was singing the song, in my head because people would die otherwise, I was like "Apocatherapy? Lycratherapy?" so I googled the lyrics and now I'm shocked by Shakira's smarts.


  1. I will never stop oogling Zac Efron. Ever. My husband could get those nice little GI Joe stomach/leg lines ( I don't know what they're called, but it's the cut line that tapers down there into Zac's pants, which seem to be slipping I call them GI Joe lines) and I honestly still think I'd want to oogle a bit at Zac. In fact, thanks for posting that photo because now that I've seen it, I can still see it when I close my eyes!

  2. Wow! What great photos to wake me up this morning. ;-)

    As for the gym, Andy should go and attend the water aerobics class with the blue hairs. ;-)

  3. My Drew used to ogle Amy Grant.

    uh huh

    Lean's best friend writes Zac Efron
    love letters.

    Dear Zac Efron,
    You are as sweet as caramel corn...........

    that is a direct quote

  4. It's like women and shoes. You might fall in love with some, save up for months, but once you've got them you can't help notice the huge variety of others that they keep putting in the shop window.

  5. Brian? I accept your burn.

  6. Nice post Bee. I tell my wife, I love you more than I am attracted to you... "huh?", she asks... "when two people meet, the attraction makes you want to gel together, but what happens when the physical attraction wears off? Real love, that's what happens. To me, I am in love with you for who you are and the exterior attraction is just an added bonus". Although, I can recognize a beautiful woman when she walks past me, I only glance and think to myself, boy do I love my wife... When we are both in our 80's I will love her the same, God wiling.

    The Search

  7. Oh and by the way, Andy knows he is a lucky man.

    The Search

  8. I loved reading about how good you felt after your co-worker gave you such an incredible [and unsolicited] compliment!

  9. I need to come work in your office -- it's refreshing when women support other women!

    As for oogling, my husband is nice enough not to that in front of me. Although occasionally he will say something about women in the movies. I can deal with that.

  10. "Paul Newman is dead!"
    Great post, specially when Bee blushed :D

    Oh hi Brad Pitt

  11. have I ever told you complete me...LOL I am drooling right now oh those photos

  12. Where did you get all those pictures of me you put at the end of this post? Goddamnit woman, enough ogling me! I am not a piece of meat ... well I am, but still ...

  13. To be fair, when I watch a young Paul Newman movie I purr.

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