Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Season FInales

Okay so I'm thinking I'm not going to be watching much TV this summer which is as it should be I guess but I can't believe all our shows are over!

Veronica Mars cancelled! Travesty! They should make a 2 hour movie to at least tell us who she picks as her boyfriend and who wins the election. Even if it is Vinny at least we'll get closure!

Lost, well what can I say about Lost... It lost me for a while, I was all set on not watching it anymore but then it started getting good again. Now I'm upset because we'll only get a total of 48 episodes over 3 years!

On to Heroes, this show is my hope for my couch potato future! I love this show and hope they continue to make it as addictive as their first season!


  1. Seems you are too young to be watching such mature shows!

  2. I figured it was either your daughter or your niece... lol

  3. Not too happy with Lost, it seems their writers are just shooting by the hip... just writing week by week, things don't make sense any more...


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