Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pick a worthy cause…

So some lady is offended by a Billboard in Glenview showing some woman on a beach with arrows pointing out improvements on her body courtesy of a beauty salon medical day spa. She is now campaigning to have it removed (the billboard not her body) and for that I say there are 20 million other campaigns she could be heading that are not as time wasting as this one.
There are a bunch of billboards out there that bother me (like the Giordano’s one cuz it makes me want a very fattening delicious yummy pizza) but you know what, you have to choose your battles.
I guess I shouldn’t be judging her too harshly if this is the battle she chose but I would think sex offenders, education, the war, global warming, the enviorment, gas prices, politics, religion (although politics and religion could be combined with some of these other topics) just to name a few are worthy enough causes.
Her argument is that teenage girls should not grow up thinking that they are judged by their appearances. I hate to wake her up to reality but the cat is out of the bag! Just pick up a magazine, watch TV or go see a movie. Is it right? No, but in this day and age I’d rather know I can go somewhere to have minor things that make me self-conscious improved. Teenage girls will be subjected to judgments at school by guess who? Other Teenagers… I don’t want to trivialize peer pressure because I know it’s getting worse but if this lady has a daughter imagine what she’s going through now when her friends find out what her mom is doing…
If she hadn’t decided to pick this crusade I and the rest of the state would not have been aware of this billboard. FREE ADVERTISING! :o) I’m seriously writing the Docs name down so that I can save it for later… who am I kidding I need it now!



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  2. There are worthy causes all over the place, this lady allowed this billboard to go up for good ol' American green. Last I checked you can't use someones pic without their permition. But at least shes making a stand for something she believes in now, whether it is to make sure no other future deals are soured because of this or because she actually believes in her cause. Whatever the reason is action is good.

  3. Hi Bee,
    It's your next door neighbour here...nice to meet you! Thanks for your post. Yes it's been blooming awful over here in the UK lately. We had a gorgeous April, and May has been cold and wet. We are all hoping that summer will appear in June!
    Good to see you have healthy debates going on in your blog. I like a bit of controversy. lol

  4. I would not doubt this lady is receiving a few dollars on the side by this doctor, considering all the publicity the "Life is short get a divorce" billboard generated.

    Bad publicity is still publicity which in turn generates revenue. Nice isn't it? Can't wait to see what the next billboard genius comes up with.


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