Saturday, April 16, 2011

We are like those expensive cheeses that have been “aged” to perfection.

You just have to ignore the smell, scrape off the mold and wash it down with wine.  What am I talking about? Mine and Andy’s 10 year anniversary of course!

I know. I can’t believe we have withstood floods, droughts, head butts (I headed butted him once when we were dating), pets, family members (kidding)(maybe) and pretty much every unreasonable mood swing known to mankind.

At this very moment, he is yelling his head off at the TV because he thinks the men refereeing the Bulls game can hear him and I have to admit to not finding him very pleasant right now but then he will have to put up with all the shopping I’ll be doing at IKEA later today so I guess we’ll be even Steven. Fast forwarding the unpleasant moments to when you have dessert at the end of the day is what marriage is all about, people.

It’s been a tough year for us… well, a tough couple of years really, but we’ve managed to be all kinds of cliché and weather all storms. We’re like those new fangled deck materials that won’t dry up and blister even after being hammered by hail or burned by the sun. Yep. Old cheese and decking material is what we are.

We shall celebrate by going to Wildfire for a nice steak, then some shopping and then we will come home and watch some TV. Just me, him and brother-in-law Jim. Very romantic!

Well, it’s time for me to go take a shower so that I can get away from the crossfire because apparently the referees are all being bribed to make the Bulls lose and my ears are beginning to bleed from the yelling.

Happy Anniversary, Andy! And many more!

will you marry me2 (2)

I call this “Day of proposal”


    (i'm yelling so you can hear me over the referee yelling).
    WOW, 10 years!!! Que aguante :0)

  2. It will be 10 years for us in August. Married. We've been together for 14 years. Damn, that's a long time!

    It's actually been a good year for us. We're all a bit calmer, more patient, and more tolerant. I even let her watch "My Life as Liz" when I'm in the room.

  3. Congrats on 10 years!

    I LOVE the proposal photo.

  4. Bee!! why didn't you give Andy the gift I suggested?? or use it for yourself. whatever, I don't judge.


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