Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My official seal of approval.

*"Bee, she doesn't cause elbow sweat."*-Bee

*"...the layout reminded me of some emo 14 year old that wears his girlfriend's jeans"*-Reviewer
*"I will read Bee's Musings no matter what the template is like, even if it blinds me."*-Jean Knee

*"I don't think you are lame. I think you are fantastica!"*-NCS

*"Although I have no idea what you're talking about most of the time, I could never think you were lame."*-Tracy

*"Bee - Does that mean I have the mentality of a 4 year old?"*-Brian
*"YOU ARE EVIL. First, the shoe wheel link doesn't work and then you TRICKED me into clicking on a humor-blogs link! Where does the shoe wheel go? And how do you get them out of the wheel? And why are you eveeeeeeeel?"* -SUZY

*"What did I ever do on the Internet without you. I look for new blog enteries before I look for new email. "*-M
*"People don't know what they should do with hotness like ours, Bee. We fluster mortals."*-FADKOG

*Bee: You are well deserving of many awards. If I could create them, I would. But I can barely make a grilled cheese sandwich. But, if I could make them:
"Coolest shawty east of Crenshaw."
"Best avatar not to receive an NC-17 rating."
"Best legal use of crunchy white stuff."
"Founding member of the 'Paul Giamatti is a Dumbass' Fan Club"*- Sensei