Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just some info stuff and bragging about how Angie and I are best buds!

So... check out the new layout! How nice is this huh?? This is all thanks to Angie at Cup of Snarky who I think is better than Santa Clause and I'm sure way prettier! How am I sure she's prettier? Well:
I found this picture at Santarchy & Santacon which I will be checking out from now and forever. P.S. The boots are awesome!

I mentioned how I was a big fan of her work (hoping not to sound too much like a suck up)! This was Friday evening and by Saturday she had pimped my blog!! I am always amazed by the cool people one meets online. It makes me hopeful that world peace will be achieved within my lifetime. That and me stumbling across a large amount of unclaimed money. Tax free of course. Anyway, thanks Angie! I love the new look!

The other thing I'd like to talk about is the blog swap for tomorrow. Chica from Lady Sarcasm will be here and I will be over there. No, not there! THERE! Please be nice to her and treat her with the same disrespect you treat me. The title of her post is "My Unthankful Thanksgiving." which will be posted tomorrow Monday day of the lord 24th 2008.

I think that's it... unless? Did you guys want to hear about Tazz atacking a puzzle piece? Nah! ;o)



  1. I don't like new things but I'll try to get used to it.

    and first

  2. Bee...I love the updates! xo - Ki

  3. I have to be nice to her? For a whole day? Well, I'll have a go...

  4. Gorgeous!! Angie is awesomeriffic. Did you see Joe's new layout yet? :D

  5. Awwww thanks Bee! I loved doing it for you Sweetie! :)

  6. Cool digs!

    If I treat her the way I treat you she'll think I'm rude!

  7. You're looking faaaabulous dahling! :)

    well done Angie!

  8. looks the same to me, what did you change?

  9. Cool new look Bee. Check out Joe's too. Don't forget Chica though. She did mine and like Angie, it was complete in hours!

  10. Did you pay for that, I should get in the remodeling blog biz!
    I can make them all look like mine.

  11. Quick, somebody pump Santa's stomach...the dude drank PineSol.

  12. Love the new look!

    & yes, we'll be nice ...

    Should be great!

  13. Hey Bee? Do you think that if I went over to Angie's blog and told her how pretty she was and that I happened to be a friend of yours that she would pimp out my blog too?
    I'm in some major need of some oomph or something over at my place. I've tried different stuff and it makes even ME bored.
    I love yours!
    Angie, if you're here, I think you're so very pretty and smart and talented and nice and kind hearted and wonderful and a great dancer and I'm sure you do the Electric Slide better than anyone else on earth! *hint hint*

  14. @all who love Bee's new digs. Thanks. I wanted to give her something shiny and new cause she is such an amazing and wonderful gal!!


    With me Sweetie -- flattery gets you everywhere. I swear, I'm a sucker for it. I'm going to look at your blog now. Seriously, if you want help with problema. You can email me at my addy you can find in my contact on my site.

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR NEW LAY-OUT!!!! Wonderful.

    You totally got it right. These proportions are very very pleasing.



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